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About RES

Ratiocinative Engineering Services LLC has been expanding its engineering services since its establishment in 2018. Our aim has always been to provide straight forward, logical solutions to our clients. We want prototypes off paper and into hands.

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Services & Capabilities

Rapid Prototyping and Product Development

Research & Design

Team Augmentation

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Digital & Analog System Design

Proven designs in precision thermal control, closed loop feedback systems, motor control, and sensor data collection. Don't let your system get out of hand.


Printed Circuit Board Layouts

Professional printed circuit board design & layout is one of the first steps in making your idea a reality. Modern fabrication processes are fast and cheap, so you can skip the breadboard and come to us.


Microcontroller & SBC programming

Microcontrollers are amazing little devices. By leveraging open source communities and libraries, RES can get a prototype into your hands fast. If you're past the prototyping stage and want a crash proof code, we're still here for you.


FDM & SLA 3D printing & design

We have a Wanhao Duplicator 6 FDM  and ANYCUBIC photon SLA printer in lab, capable of printing a variety of plastics and UV cure resins. You can submit designs to be printed or rely on us to whip up something smart


Opto-electrical Design

The use of optics in sensing technologies is practically limitless. From time of flight distance ranging with laser pulses to gas chromatography, photons let us see the world in a different light. Let RES develop your next optical solution.


LED System Design

Incorporating LEDs into your design can be daunting. RES can wade through the sea of LED specification sheets to meet your needs.

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Meet our Partners

Past  & current clients

We strive to start our clients off right, with clear communication about our capabilities, timeline, and relative experience. If we're not the right company for the job, we'll point you in the right direction moving forward. We want to have happy clients who would look forward to working with us again.



We worked with SunPath to develop and field test a solar concentrator to bring sunlight indoors for horticultural operations. LED boards & housing were designed to supplement sunlight


Princeton University

We're currently working with the ecology lab to develop a modular LED light source to map hummingbird spectral response.

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